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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some weird Japanese inventions to share with your friends?

Don’t forget to poke your friends with your pleasure by sharing some of these weird Japanese inventions with them. #01. A vending machine that sells smart cars. #02. Umbrellas that allow you to see what’s in your path. #03. A compilation of cameras that will get you that awesome 360 panorama shot. #04.

What are the strangest foods to eat in Japan?

This one of the strangest foods to eat in Japan is crunchy and it feels as if you’re eating a bone. Since it doesn’t have a strong flavor it is probably the texture that people enjoy most. Cartilage is often found in izakayas (Japanese bars) and yakitori (fried chicken) restaurants.

What makes Japanese fashion unique?

Never afraid to try something new, Japan's marketplace is home to vast array of items that seem almost alien to those unfamiliar with the island culture's passion for experimentation. Innovative beauty products, high tech gadgets and strangely playful fashion accessories are just some of the categories that receive a uniquely Japanese touch.

Does Japan have the most vending machines in the world?

One thing is for sure, Wheel Of Fortune these ain't. Japanese game shows embrace weirdness to the full extent. If you thought vending machines were just for snacks and drinks, think again. At slightly over five million nationwide, Japan has the highest density of vending machines worldwide.

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