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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Jen Psaki resign from the White House?

American News May 7, 2021 12:09 PM EST BREAKING: White House press sec Jen Psaki announces she will resign next year Psaki stated that she plans to leave her position in order to devote more time to her family, and has not indicated any plans to circle back to the position in the future.

Who is press secretary Jen Psaki?

Psaki, who delivers regular press briefings as the public face of President Joe Biden's administration, said she wanted to be able to spend more time with her two young children. "I don't want to miss moments. I don't want to miss things, and I'm very mindful of that as well," she said. "It's a great job," she added.

Why did Joe Ducklo resign?

This person said Ducklo's resignation was a result of a realization by the press and communications leadership that there needed to be a conversation with Ducklo about what was best for President Joe Biden, and whether his remaining on the job represented the standard this administration tried to set.

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