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Frequently Asked Questions

When to use withdraw or withdrawal?

Withdrawals are used after the official drop period of a course. Beginning the 15th day of the semester, students may self-withdraw using Patriot Web; a W will appear on the transcript.

What are the side effects of withdrawal?

The bulk of withdrawal symptoms will be present during the acute withdrawal phase and may include: Tension. Panic attacks. Tremors. Difficulty concentrating. Short-term memory loss. Anxiety. Irritability.

How to ease the symptoms of withdrawal?

If you choose to get clean at home, you will need to find methods for coping with the stressful symptoms of withdrawal, such as vomiting and severe headaches. Sleep as much as you can, while your body is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Getting as much rest as you can will aid your body in recovering quickly.

What exactly is withdrawal?

The definition of withdrawal is the act of taking something out, or stopping participation in an activity. When you take $10 out of your bank account, this is an example of a withdrawal. When you stop taking cocaine and your body experiences changes as a result of the loss of the drug, this is an example of withdrawal.

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