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What does withdrawal mean in psychology?

1. The act of removal or retreat. See also: withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal syndrome. 2. A psychological and/or physical syndrome caused by the abrupt cessation of the use of a drug in an habituated person. See also: withdrawal symptoms, withdrawal syndrome. 3.

What do you need to know about psychological withdrawal?

What You Need to Know About Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms of Psychological Withdrawal. To better understand psychological withdrawal, let's look at an example. ... Treating This Unique Form of Withdrawal. Although treatment programs vary, three evidence-based methods are commonly employed to treat psychological withdrawal in early recovery. Maintaining Your Sobriety, Strengthening the Recovery Process. ...

What is psychological withdrawal?

A psychological withdrawal is provided by the University Counseling Center to students whose emotional distress or substance use is so severe that they are unable to address the requirements of the academic environment. This will usually mean the student is a danger to themselves or others,...

What is withdrawn behavior and what causes it?

Sometimes people show withdrawn behavior because they have some type of mental disorder that interferes with their ability to interact well. Some of the mental illnesses that can contribute to this type of behavior include schizophrenia, major depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, autism, phobias, and personality disorders.

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