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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the withdrawal process?

Withdrawal Process. An official withdrawal occurs when you, as an enrolled student, decide you must leave the University in a given term once the term begins and you have attended at least one class.

What is an order of withdrawal?

DEFINITION of 'Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (NOW) Account'. A negotiable order of withdrawal account is an interest-earning bank account. A customer with such an account is permitted to write drafts against money held on deposit. A negotiable order of withdrawal account is also known as a "NOW account". Next Up. Bank Deposits. Demand Deposit.

What is standard withdrawal?

Standard Withdrawal. When a student initiates a withdrawal from the university prior to the end of Period Two (the 10th week of classes during a standard 16 week semester) at a minimum the following steps are required: Standard Withdrawal is defined as dropping all classes for the current term after the semester/session has begun.

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