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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a withdrawal an equity accounting?

"Owner Withdrawals," or "Owner Draws," is a contra-equity account. This means that it is reported in the equity section of the balance sheet, but its normal balance is the opposite of a regular equity account. Because a normal equity account has a credit balance, the withdrawal account has a debit balance.

What is automatic bank withdrawal?

Automatic bank withdrawal, a convenient payment option in which your electric bill payment is automatically deducted from your checking or savings account, is available to Cedar-Knox PPD customers. Options include: Monthly statements will reflect current usage with the notation "Bank Paid.

What is withdrawal slip?

A withdrawal slip is a bank document on which a person writes the date, account number and amount of money to withdraw from a bank. It is called a withdrawal slip because it is used to make a withdrawal from a person’s account.

What is deposit withdrawal?

Deposit Withdrawal. 1. Only the amount that was deposited to the Company's account will be credited to the Client's trading account. 2. The Company will not be responsible for the Client's financial losses if they were caused by a delay in a transfer due to a fault in a payment system.

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