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Frequently Asked Questions

Is withered or fabled better for a reforg?

Since the strength nerf, Fabled outclasses Withered on most weapons (unless you have an extremely high cata level), especially DPS based weapons. However, Withered grants way more effective health than other reforges when paired with Baby Yeti pet. Added Wither Blood.

What is Reforging and how does it work?

Reforging is a mechanic that allows the player to add additional stats to Weapons and Armors, similar to Enchanting. However, an item can have only one reforge. It is quite useful for all levels of gear as reforges provide greater stat boosts the higher Rarity the item is. Currently, the highest... Reforging | Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki | Fandom

Should I get withered reforge plus giant's sword?

Withered Reforge Plus Giant's Sword? The New Withered Reforge gives 186 strength on mythic, seems just perfect for giant's sword, doesn't it? Giant's sword gives no strength, and withered adds 186 of it. at Catacombs Level 50 you will have a giant's sword (a FULLY maxed giant's sword) with these stats:

Is withered good on mythic swords?

On a mythic sword: +170 strength and +1 strength per cata level 4 days after I reforged to Fabled they released Withered. Oof Withered is good but the reforge stone alone costs like 10m.

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