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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a workers' comp attorney?

Yes, you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you and help you obtain benefits. While you are not required by law to have an attorney represent you, an experienced lawyer can be very valuable in your efforts to recover the compensation that you need.

How much does a workers' compensation lawyer charge?

Workers' comp lawyers generally cannot charge more than 20% of your settlement or award. The state also prohibits charging attorneys' fees on certain types of benefits, like medical expenses or temporary disability compensation that the insurance company hasn't refused to pay.

What is workers comp lawyer?

A workers compensation attorney is paid similarly to how personal injury lawyers collect their fees. Attorney fees are on a contingency basis and are dependent upon what you receive in a settlement or verdict. Personal injury lawyers are free to charge whatever percentage of the compensation that is awarded.

What is workers comp exemption?

How Workers' Compensation Exemptions Work - and How to Get One Workers' Compensation Exemption. In all states, businesses hiring employees must pay for state workers' compensation insurance coverage to protect both the workers and the business in the event that an ... Exempting Independent Contractors. ... Applying For an Exemption. ... Employees vs. ... Typical Exemption Statements and Applications. ...

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