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Frequently Asked Questions

What are requirements for workmans comp?

Most states require any employer with at least one employee to have coverage, but some states set a minimum of two to five employees. A few states have different requirements for agricultural or construction businesses, and some allow charities to opt out of the workers’ comp system.

Can workmans comp be sued?

In most areas of law, it is normal to sue the responsible party for the damages they have caused. Under Pennsylvania workers' compensation law, however, the answer is usually "no.". Your employer cannot be sued because of work-related injuries.

Do all workmans comp cases require a settlement?

Not all workers' comp cases end in a settlement, but the majority of them do. If the claim involved permanent disability or death, it is most likely to result in a payout. The best way to determine if you should take a settlement is to consult with an experienced workers' comp attorney.

Will bankruptcy effect my workmans comp?

If your employer is covered by an insurance policy, a bankruptcy should not impact your workers' comp benefits. However, if your employer was self-insured or uninsured, bankruptcy may add additional challenges to your workers comp claim.

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