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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WSJ prime rate?

WSJ Prime Rate. 3.25. 3.25. 3.25. What it means: The initials stand for The Wall Street Journal, which surveys large banks and publishes the consensus prime rate. The Journal surveys the 30 largest banks, and when three-quarters of them (23) change, the Journal changes its rate, effective on the day the Journal publishes the new rate.

What is the historical currency converter?

The Historical Currency Converter is a simple way to access up to 25 years of historical exchange rates for 200+ currencies, metals, and cryptocurrencies.

How to get historical Forex data?

How to get Historical FX Data 1 Pick your base currency and the currency (or currencies) you want converted. 2 Choose your timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or custom), your rate source (OANDA Rates®, or 40+... 3 Download the historic data to a CSV format for easy use with Excel or Google Sheets. More ...

What are the historical exchange rates for 2021?

Historical Exchange Rates - 20 Jun 2021. EUR to USD. 21 May 2021 to 20 Jun 2021. Minimum. 1.1864. Average. 1.2135. Maximum. 1.2233.

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