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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xbox Live Better Than PlayStation Network?

The free Playstation Network account has more features than the free version of Xbox Live 2. Xbox Live has excellent support from Microsoft while the Playstation Network has next to none 3. Xbox Live currently has the better servers compared to the Playstation Network

How much does Xbox Live cost per month?

The monthly cost for Xbox 'live-ing' is $49.95 per month for the package from Microsoft. This includes a 12-month subscription to the service plus a headset that connects to your Xbox for voice chat.

How to purchase Xbox Live?

You need to log in to the Xbox Live account and register your identity. Once registered, you can then access the games. You can then log in to Xbox Live and pay for fun online or buy games that you are interested in. For more information on this method, read the How to Buy X Box Live With Microsoft Money article.

How do you play Xbox Live on your computer?

Connecting the PC and Xbox One Click on “Connect” in the left sidebar of the Xbox app on your Windows 10 PC. Select the name of your Xbox One console. Connect an Xbox One controller to your PC using a USB cable. Click on “Stream,” then select the Xbox game you want to play on your PC.

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