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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate XM Radio?

Load the Sirius Satellite Radio activation page, located at Alternatively, you can call the Sirius customer service hotline at (888) 539-7474. Power on your satellite radio and tune it to channel 184. Click the "Activate Now" button on the Sirius activation website.

What does XM stand for on the radio?

In relation to satellite radio, XM stands for No Modulation while AM stands for Amplitude Modulation and FM is Frequency Modulation.

How much is a subscription to XM Radio?

You'll get all the channels available for your radio (including premium channels) plus you'll get the ability to listen to SiriusXM programming on your computer, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, for a great, bundled price. The All Access package is only $18.99/month or $199 per year and is our best value.

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