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Who are some famous people that died on Jeopardy?

Brayden Smith, the Las Vegas native who was a five-day champion on Jeopardy!, passed away this week at 24. Chick Corea was an architect of the jazz fusion genre as a member of Miles Davis’s first electric ensemble, and one of the most important jazz pianists of the post-John Coltrane era.

Who are some famous people who have died from Sondheim?

Stars like Hugh Jackman, Anna Kendrick and Barbra Streisand react to the death of composer Stephen Sondheim. Composer Stephen Sondheim, famous for works like 'Sweeney Todd' and 'West Side Story,' died in his home in Connecticut at age 91.

How did Miley Cyrus die?

The “Wrecking Ball” singer has dodged the social medium Grim Reaper more than once. In 2008, she was said to have been killed by a hit and run driver, and in 2009 socialite Peaches Geldolf tweeted that a “friend in the industry” texted her that Cyrus had died. Cyrus’ appearances at the time during a London concert put those issues to rest.

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