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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of a riding lawn mower?

The main parts of a rotary mower are: Cutter deck housing — houses the blade and the drive system of the mower. Blade mounting and drive system — the blade of a rotary mower is usually mounted directly to the crankshaft of its engine, but it can be propelled by a hydraulic motor or a belt pulley system.

Where is the serial number on a lawn mower?

Locate the identification decal on your lawn mower. Craftsman mowers have stickers with a serial number and date printed on them. This tag is usually located in a protected area on, beneath or near the seat of the riding mower.

How do you adjust a lawn mower carburetor?

Place the parking brake into the on position and the drive gear to the neutral position. Open the hood of your riding mower and locate the carburetor adjusting screws. The carburetor is near the air cleaner assembly and the two idle adjustment screws are on the top and side of the carburetor.

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