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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Yoko Oginome?

Yoko Oginome is a former pop idol, actress and voice actress. She is known for her voice work in the anime series Miyuki in the role of the heroine, Miyuki Wakamatu.

Who is Oginome's sister?

Oginome's elder sister is actress Keiko Oginome . In 2001, Oginome was four months pregnant when she had a shotgun wedding with Ryuso Tsujino, a professional tennis player with whom she had graduated from Horikoshi High School. Oginome had a second child in 2004, and took a year off work to spend time with her children and family.

Where did Oginome go to school?

Oginome spent most of her elementary and junior high years living in the town of Ranzan in Saitama Prefecture, though she attended school in the city of Sakura. She graduated from Horikoshi High School in Nakano, Tokyo .

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