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Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube good for children?

No Youtube is not bad for kids, there are particular types of show which you would not like your children to view, and for them Google has launched Youtube Kids recently. Youtube Kids’s concept was designed by the in house team at Youtube with parental guidance requirement along with Common Sense Media.

How do I install YouTube Kids?

Installing YouTube Kids (and other apps) So, to install YouTube Kids, all you have to do is open up the Play Store, search for YouTube Kids in the search bar along the top of the display, then select “Install” from the app’s listing. Really, that’s it—no difficult workarounds, no plugging your tablet into a computer.

Can you find YouTube Kids?

Search in YouTube Kids. Your child can search for videos, by using the magnifying glass in the upper corner of the app and typing in their query. To do a voice search, your child can tap the microphone icon on the search page and speak the query. Videos in search results are selected by our algorithm without human review.

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