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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is Zurich from Phoenix?

Extended route information. The flight distance between the nearest airports Zurich (ZRH) and Phoenix (PHX) is 5,747.44 mi (9,249.61 km). This corresponds to an approximate flight time of 11h 22min. The initial bearing on the course from Zurich to Phoenix is 313.69° and the compass direction is NW.

How far is Zurich from Neuchatel?

Distance from Zurich to Neuchatel. Distance between Zurich and Neuchatel is 129 kilometers (80 miles). Driving distance from Zurich to Neuchatel is 149 kilometers (93 miles).

Which area to stay in Zurich?

The River Limmat, which the city sits beside, is definitely worth a visit too and Zurich is a heaven for shoppers. The best area to stay in Zurich is the city centre as this is where the most interesting sights in the city are found, including some of the oldest architecture in the city and most stunning walks around the city centre streets.

What is the main language in Zurich?

The official language used by the government and in most publications is German, while the main spoken language is Zurich German (Swiss German Züritüütsch), which is a dialect of Alemannic. English and French are also widely spoken and often used in official publications and announcements alongside German.

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