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Frequently Asked Questions

What does zinc have to do with PCOS?

Taking zinc for PCOS can also clear up your skin of cystic acne. Apart from blocking excess androgens, the anti-bacterial effects of zinc and its anti-inflammatory actions further help in providing relief from acne in women with PCOS. Zinc can also be used as an effective alternative to antibiotics in the treatment of inflammatory acne.

What diet is best for someone with PCOS?

“Lean protein such as tofu, chicken, and fish don’t provide fiber but are very filling and a healthy dietary option for women with PCOS,” says Whiteson. “Eggs are also a great diet component for women with PCOS. Not only are they a wonderful source of protein, but they’re packed with nutrients that improve the symptoms of PCOS.

Does magnesium really help PCOS?

Another study found that oral magnesium supplements helped insulin resistant individuals avoid developing type 2 diabetes (Mooren 2011). Since magnesium improves insulin-mediated glucose uptake and insulin secretion in type 2 diabetes patients, it is considered a critical mineral for women with PCOS.

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