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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Zion Williamson RCS to buy?

2019-20 Hoops is the first mainstream set with a card of Zion Williamson in his NBA uniform. It’s an entry-level product with wide availability. This should ensure that it remains one of Williamson’s most affordable RCs.

What is the Zion Williamson rookie card?

The Rookie Card is part of the Rookie Endorsements subset. Williamson has a couple of jersey autograph cards that are also numbered as part of the base set, but this one gets the RC tag due to it being the most basic of them. Diamonds make the 2019-20 Panini Flawless Zion Williamson RC sparkle.

Where can I find Zion Williamson signed memorabilia?

The cardmaker has the exclusive license for NBA cards, NCAA cards and all Zion Williamson cards, including those for the Pelicans and Duke Blue Devils. View high-end Zion Williamson cards on eBay. If you want Zion Williamson signed memorabilia, like photos or basketballs, Fanatics has the exclusive.

How many cards does Zion Williamson have in 2019-20 select?

Zion Williamson actually has three cards in the 2019-20 Select base set. Concourse (#1) is the most common, giving it the RC tag. Williamson also has Premier Level (#199) and Courtside (#297) cards that have different photos and slightly different designs. These are both tougher to find, particularly the Courtside card.

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