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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Zuckerman scale?

It was created in 1964 by Marvin Zuckerman, at the University of Delaware. Zuckerman created the scale with the purpose of better understanding personality traits such as neuroticism, antisocial behavior, and psychopathy. This has gone through a few iterations and is currently on its 1978 version: SSS-V.

What is Zuckerman best known for?

Zuckerman is best known for his research into the psychobiological basis of human personality, sensory deprivation, mood state measurement, and sensation seeking. His work was particularly inspired by eminent research psychologists, Hans Eysenck ( 3rd most highly cited psychologist) and Arnold Buss .

What are the aspects of Zuckerman's theory?

There are 4 different aspects (subscales), which are: Thrill and Adventure Seeking (TAS), Disinhibition (Dis), Experience Seeking (ES), and Boredom Susceptibility (BS). Each subscale contains 10 items, making a total of 40 items. Zuckerman has proposed that these 'traits' come from a psycho-biological interaction.

What is the history of sensation seeking according to Zuckerman?

Zuckerman's research on sensation seeking from the beginning of the 1960s has undergone several changes. Zuckerman's interest in the sensation seeking phenomenon stems from studies on sensory deprivation conducted by the McGill School in the 1950-1960s (Hebb, 1955; Zubek, 1969) and by Zuckerman (1969) himself.

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